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Brittany & Chantelle

We seem like complete opposites, but somehow we just work. We laugh often and cry occasionally. We believe in a fifty-fifty partnership. We play on each other’s talents and assist one another with the things we struggle with. We always think about one another and have amazing communication. We have so much fun together that there is never a dull moment.

In every small town everyone knows everyone else and knows everyone else’s business. My cousin happened to be the only house on her block to have a swimming pool and all the neighborhood kids would come to swim during the summer months. Brittany lived down the street. After Brittany graduated from high school she moved away and we lost touch. In 2008 we found one another on myspace and started talking. One day in June I asked her to come to Mia’s (a gay bar) to meet up with me and some of my friends. I didn’t think she’d show, but low and behold she walked past our table. I, being too nervous to say anything, whispered to friends that that was her. So, my friend Taylor took the initiative and said her name. We talked and it soon began to rain. I rode on the back of her bike to my friend’s apartment. A week later she asked me to the movies. I had been living out of hotel rooms for a few months and she’d come and see me all the time. I took her to Millionaire’s Row and we went to Pride together. We were pretty inseparable. We took a weekend trip to Tennessee where we had the time of our life. She took me up on the sky lift where she asked me out at the very top. : ) We started living together after a while and she asked me to marry her one surprise weekend.

Fast Facts

First met: Bloomfield 1996
First date: 6/14/2008
Got engaged: 7/28/2008
Ceremony location: Versailles, Kentucky
Honeymoon destination: Unknown

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Rainbow :/ Gay I know!
We will be wearing: Female's tux, dress
Who proposed to who: Brittany proposed to Chantelle
Our last name will be: Wilson

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