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Brooke & Leslie

Believe it or not, we started out hating each other! Brooke’s ex worked with Leslie at CiCi’s and were friends, and Brooke didn’t like that at all (her ex was sneaky and dishonest). So Leslie started working at Pizza Hut 2 years later, where Brooke happened to work. Since Brooke didn’t have the EXcess baggage, she started talking to Leslie to see if they could try to be friends. After several middle-of-the-night tripe to the lake with friends, a couple taco bell dates, and several months of flirting and strategically placed guitar lessons, we started dating. Now, several months later, we’re engaged! So in love <3

Fast Facts

First met: We first met at CiCi's Pizza, where Brooke's ex worked.
First date: Our first "date" was dinner and a movie- twilight, I think?
Got engaged: Brooke popped the question at Leslie's mom's house.
Ceremony location: Yale University
Favorite planning resource: Pinterest
Honeymoon destination: Gatlinburg, TN

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding!
Our wedding colors: Blues and silver
We will be wearing: short dresses, and not long ones
Who proposed to who: Brooke proposed to Leslie
Our last name will be: Harrison

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