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Cahandra & Sonia

We are a very loving couple from Senatobia, MS. My name is Cahandra and my partner name is Sonia. We have three wondeful kids together that we love to death. We met on Blackplanet.com and we have been together every since. Sonia is an great inspiration in my life because when we met I had some many problem going on in myy life that I didn’t want to be with myself. But she stood by me until things got better for us and the love just continue to get stronger. So about a year ago we decided to get married and be an family with kids since they were baby when we met they and we are all they know. So I can’t wait til that big day.

Love is more than just spoken words!!

Love Inspiration

Whe have been together for 3 yrs and we have been throw alot togther and feel like we are meant to be together forever!!

Fast Facts

First met: I called Sonia to see did she have anyone special in her lif
First date: When went out to eat at O'Charley's
Got engaged: Feb. 14, 2008
Ceremony date: 08/28/2009
Honeymoon destination: Hot Springs, AR

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Baby Blue and Cream
Who proposed to who: Sonia proposed to Cahandra
Our last name will be: Ayers

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