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Carol & Chrissy

Carol-We first met in High school . Chrissy was my knight in a basket ball jersey swiping in to defend my hounor even before se even knew my name . From that day I knew that I had met my soul mate . We spent the next two yrs getting to know eachother better hanging out and stealing kisses when we could. One day we came to where we had to make a choice to take the next step and she moved in with me and my Parents . Having her there everyday was the sooo nice to look in to her eyes everynight before I went to sleep. We had never had a fight in all that time and then one day i got scared and walked away from her and went on to have my two wonderful sons.Never stopped loving her or never stopped thinking about her and Only Talking a hand full of times in ten yrs ,but knowing that I would never love that ways again .I went on with my life as did she .

One day I login to my facebook and there was a friend request from Chrissy. After Not even talking to her for almost 4 yrs I can say I was a little taken back and accepted right away and sent her a message with my Phone # and left it at that. the Phone rang and I knew it was her just had this feeling I took a deep breath and answerd I heard her sweet voice and the last ten yrs melted away I asked her to come hang out and we took one look at each other and Knew that we were on ther same page and felt the same way ,we have not spent a day apart since Sept 17th 2008 .

Chrissy-I not good at this kind of stuff but I will try .So bare with me peaople .My world changed the day I met Carol,I looked in to the most amazing set of eyes I had ever seen.Eyes that told a story of her in so meny differnt way the story and the girl i fell in love with.We had such a good thing going but differnces and fear got in the way .My heart could and would not take anymore so we walked away from eachother.I told her that day. I would never stop loving her.I moved on in life and had a long time partner for ten years .Yes I cared for this women but I never loved her like I did Carol which was unfair to my partner I knew that we were both not happy so we left and have moved on.All that time there was not a day that went by that I didn’t think of Carol and what we had or how i felt and still felt about her .So I got on facebook to try and find her ,I put in a freind request to her because I had to tell her how I felt .I needed to tell her how my arms wanted nothing more then to hold her and my lips to tell her that I love her with everything inside of me .She is my soul mate always has been and always will be.Yes I still look into those amazing eyes everyday and still seeing the story of her life but now I’m part of that story and will be for the rest of my life. I couldn’t be happer .So there it is in a nut shell lol. Carol i love you more then you could ever know .

If you Love someone set them free if they come back its ment to be

Love Inspiration

The love I have always had for Chrissy and just how she makes me feel like I am alive

Fast Facts

First met: Highschool
First date: Boston pizza 12 yrs after we fell in love
Got engaged: Dec 27th 2008
Ceremony date: 09/17/2010
Ceremony location: Calgary ,Alberta Canada
Favorite planning resource: Internet and friends and family

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Black and Deep red and silver
Who proposed to who: Carol asked Chrissy on a game on Face book
Our last name will be: Bunes

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: If that's what it takes By Celine Dion

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