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Crocotta & Chandra

I met Poodie (Chandra) while working in a barber shop. She came in often. I’d just broken up with my girlfriend and was seeking to meet new people. I asked her if she had any friends, she said no. A few weeks later, she said she was she was interested in being my friend. I wasn’t interest because she in a relationship. She explained that her relationship was nearing its end and she wanted to get out. I wasn’t quite sold, but I asked her out anyway. My birthday was a few weeks away, I asked her to join some friends and I for a night out at a club. She agreed, and stood me up. A couple days after my birthday, she called to ask how it was. I cussed her out for not showing, she let me holler until I ran out of words. She responded with “Do you have to be 21 to get into that club?” I said, “of course!”and a other words. She said “I’m not 21.” There was a long and awkward silence on the phone, followed by a confused “WHAT? ”

We casually kept contract after that. I dated a few nobodies, her relationship continued to deteriorate. On May 9, 2019, we made an undeniable connection. We began to talk, text and see each other regularly. As her 21st birthday quickly approached, the chemistry between us grew. On May 27, 2010, the evening of her 21st birthday, we shared our first kiss.

Our first date was June 10th of that year. We went to our first LGBT Pride Parade and Festival. I consider that the start of our relationship, altho Poodie claims May 9th… so we celebrate both.

On Saturday, August 18, 2012, Poodie got down on one knee in Cherry Hill Mall, outside of the Hallmark Store during the lunch rush and asked me to marry her. A few short months later we encountered some turmoil that threatened to tear us apart, but our love for one another and with our hearts and souls truly united, we weathered our storms. It has, in no way been an easy journey, but we are making it through with the help of those who believe in us as much as we do.

On Thursday, January 10, 2013, Poodie arranged for my drill team sister to propose again. They performed our entire routine, as I sat to “critique” the performance. My sisters ended the routine with “Will you marry Poodie? Ha!” My girlfriend slid in on one knee with a new ring of engagement. New proposal, new ring, new beginning. I’m thankful for our lives II.. our journey continues. ?

Together, we can make it through anything!

Love Inspiration

Our love is a beacon of light that warms all who cross our path

Fast Facts

First met: October 2009
First date: June 10, 2010
Got engaged: August 18, 2012... January 10, 2013
Ceremony location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Favorite planning resource: Our imaginations are our best resources.
Honeymoon destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our lives II... the journey continues
Our wedding colors: The traditional LGBT 8 colors of the rainbow
We will be wearing: Chocolate-white gown; Poodie-custom made white tuxeda
Who proposed to who: Chandra proposed to me twice
Our last name will be: I'll be hyphenated...Rogers-Chatman. She will keep her name.
We are registered at: Gift Registry 360 Macy's

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