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Christena & Janet

Janet and I met in October 2001 through a mutual friend. I imidately was interested in her. She was just the most beautiful person I had ever met. She was just getting out of a crazy relationship and I was in the middle of one that was going nowhere. Well it was not untill January of 2002 that we caught back up with each other. We ran into each other one night at a bar and I drank way too much, she drove me home. Well I was really flirty that evening. We started dating about a week later. Things were awesome. We moved from South Carolina to New Hampshire in late August 2002. We have been going strong since then. April of 2007, Janet asked me to spend the rest of my life with her!! We are getting married this July! We are so excited! My father is going to be walking me down the isle. We are just so happy to be together and being able to get married with all our family and friends there to help us celebrate!

I am my beloved.. my beloved is mine

Love Inspiration

Loving her... completes me

Fast Facts

First met: October 2001
First date: January 2002
Got engaged: April 2007
Ceremony date: 07/19/2008
Ceremony location: Raymond, NH
Favorite planning resource: Gay weddings.com
Honeymoon destination: New Hampshire

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: I am marring my best friend
Our wedding colors: white/maroon
We will be wearing: I'm wearing a dress Janet is wearing a pant suit
Who proposed to who: Janet asked me to marry her

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