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christy & ashley

We meet in April 2010 and started dating May 2010. I was helping a friend through some hard ship and she still wanted to be with me. I use to model and she kept telling me to get tested to see if i was pregnant. I went to the doctor and found out that wen that i was pregnant and she was too excited. We visit my family just as we do hers and enjoy our times together. We love talking to each other and going places together. Our daughter is due in Jan and i know she’s going to love her just as much as i love her. She tells me i stole her her from the first day we meet from cooking the first day we meet lol and that’s why she stays around. Lol i think its because of how i make her feel. No relationship is perfect everyone has the hard times. But we do make it through everything and still stand by each other.

love has no boundaries

Love Inspiration

ashley she stayed with me during my whole pregnancy. and loves our daughter

Fast Facts

First met: May 2010
First date: May 8,2010

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