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cindy & ashlee

I am very happy i am older than ashlee 10yrs. ashlee is the first women i have ever been with. ashlee is my whole world.she has showed me it does not matter who you are with,same sex are not anyone can find love.that is the biggest word i have ever learned [love] i have been married 2.that was a very big mistake on my part,But if i would not had made those bad decisson in my life , I would never had the chance too meet the love off my life i have found out there is a reason for a lot of thing,s that happens 2 us thew life. I am the happiest i could ever dream of WITH ASHLEE.

It is not legal where i live so for now ashlee and i decided 2 do a tat alike we signed each other

never been in love till ashlee

Love Inspiration

my love for ashlee

Fast Facts

First met: 2004
First date: ONE i will never forget
Got engaged: thanksgiving day2005

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: miracle
Our wedding colors: red and pink
We will be wearing: dress and tux
Who proposed to who: ashlee proposed to me

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