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Cricket & Michelle

We have Known each other for Fifteen Years and have been very close friends. We had a crush on each other so many years ago. Michelle asked me my birthday when I first met her… She called me on my birthday every year since. For Michelles’ birthday one year her friend asked her what she wanted, “cricket” she replied… her friend went out and bought her a Cricket lighter… all un-known to me. One time she told me I would be hers… we laughed and giggled it away. There was always and amazing connection and chemistry that could not be denied. As the years went on, Michelle got a girlfriend, I got a girlfriend… Michelle Moved, I moved… We never lost touch, our friendship endured and the spark stayed alive… NOW at last we have come together, To spend the REST of our Lives together and Serendipity Brought us here, sustained us and bound us for life and love.


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Fast Facts

First met: Dothan Al
First date: TGI fridays

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