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Danielle & Nieshia

One day I met this woman and she sort of came by surprise… she was everything my heart needed to complete me.. then I found out I was exactly that for her.. no words can express the love we share the love that allows us to complete each other’s sentences.. bring a smile to each other’s faces on our worst days.. cry when the other is hurting.. and make sure we aren’t the one’s causing the pain.. we love each other without doubt and we would like to share that love with the world even on our bad days we are the strength to keep each other moving.. we would like to share Our Forever…

our forever

Love Inspiration

what God has brought together no man can tear apart..

Fast Facts

First met: May 31 2010
First date: June 14 2010
Got engaged: Feb 14 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Forever
Our wedding colors: white and purple
We will be wearing: wait and see it will take your breath away
Who proposed to who: Nieshia proposed on Valentine's day
Our last name will be: Burton

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