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dawn & shari

well me and shari meant about 5 years ago and was just friends until jan 19 2011 when we lost a close friend of ours and it brought us close together.we have a great relationship.i didn’t believe that one exist but now that i have been swept off my feet by shari and shown what a loving true relationship is.she completes me.we compromise and don’t fight and make agreements we help each other at home and at work and we also share parent responsibility its great.we learn stuff about each other everyday but we know each other very well.its just a match made in heaven

amazingly awesome

Love Inspiration

no one else has made us feel the way we make each other feel and we want to keep it for life

Fast Facts

First met: threw my bestfriend sabrina
First date: jan 20
Ceremony location: vegas
Honeymoon destination: vegas

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