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Torri & Dee

If you take two complete different ends of the spectrum and put it together, you got us. We met many years ago, online, and became friends. We finally decided to start a life together. Dee has 2 beautiful young girls which Torri adore and treat as her own. We have been a couple who has married many times. Vermont, Canada, and online just to name a few…Next stop VEGAS!!! Through the good times (the adoption of Chloe) and bad times (dealing with cancer) we has made it through it and love each other more than ever. Not only are we each others best friends who can laugh at silly jokes, pick each other up when we are down, or stay up all night just to talk and play but we are partners for life. We guess that is what partners really mean.

I do love you, I love you I love you, whoo hooo hooo

Love Inspiration

Our Past Loves, thanks a million for messing up and allowing us to find each other

Fast Facts

First met: Online Yahoo
First date: Late night dinner at Denny's
Got engaged: Last time 12/25/2007
Ceremony location: VEGAS!!!!
Honeymoon destination: VEGAS!!!!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: The Princess marries her Prince
Our wedding colors: Peach and ivory
We will be wearing: Torri-gown Dee-Tux
Who proposed to who: Dee proposd to Torri
Our last name will be: Coston-Lilly

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