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Dora & Victoria

Our ceremony and reception will be taking place at the

Borrego Springs Resort:


All food will be vegetarian and no alcohol will be served.

Discounted rooms will be available for wedding guests. In addition to being a hotel, the Borrego Springs Resort hosts two pools, a tennis court, a golf course, a restaurant and bar, and a spa.

For other information about Borrego Springs, check out the Chamber of Commerce website:


Borrego Springs is about a two hour drive from San Diego or Los Angeles. Typical weather for March is high 70s, but it could be hotter or colder. Please note that the ceremony will be outside in an uncovered location. It will last about 30 minutes. The sun is very strong in the desert so don’t forget sunscreen. Water will be provided during the ceremony.

March is wildflower season in Borrego and many tourists come just to see the wildflowers.

BORREGO SPRINGS IS OUR FAVORITE ESCAPE. WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY IT TOO! We are not taking a honeymoon but do hope to visit New York City in the fall. Visit our registry at honeyfund.com to help contribute to our trip!

(Your GPS from San DIego will tell you to go through Julian. While this looks like the most direct route, it is not the quickest. Here are the driving directions we recommend: 15 south to Via Ranch Pkwy. Go East on Via Rancho Pwky and turn rt on San Pasqual Rd (towards the Zoo Safari Park.) Turn rt on San Pasqual Valley Rd/78 east. Continue until you reach the town of Ramona. Turn lf on Main St./78 east. When you reach Santa Isabel (Dudley’s and the Julian Pie Company), turn left onto 79/Anza Borrego State Park Rd. Turn rt on San Felipe Rd. Turn left on Montezuma Valley Rd. At the bottom of the Mountain, turn rt on Palm Canyon Dr, the main street in Borrego Springs. Tilting T Dr. is on the opposite side of town, to the rt.)

Fast Facts

First met: 4/13/2011
First date: Claire de Lune's
Got engaged: 12/5/2011
Ceremony location: Borrego Springs Resort
Favorite planning resource: moms
Honeymoon destination: Borrego Springs

In Case You Were Wondering

We are registered at: Amazon Honey fund

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