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Essence & Charlotte

Well what can we say. We are full of love and we stick to ourselves. Not that we don’t enjoy people. We don’t enjoy drama. It just seems that the more people you associate yourself with, the more drama you get in your life.

So about us. E is a wonderful beautiful home maker. J is a sexy worker and together they take care of their wonderful Chihuahua “Lil Mama”.

Despite all the things that have come our way, we stand together as a team, full of love, respect, and understanding.

Love Inspiration

It may sound like a cleche. But we really are soul mates, kindred spirits meant to always be.

Fast Facts

First met: October 2007
First date: April 2008
Got engaged: May 3 2008
Ceremony location: Conecticut

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Unity
Our wedding colors: Soft Gray and Lavender
Who proposed to who: CJ proposed to E
Our last name will be: Collins-Jonea

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