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elizabeth & anita

well me and nita met in high school and were friends all through school, she was the sort where she bugged you by grabbin the back of your neck and pinching and it hurt when she wasn’t doing that she was a great mate.

after high school we didnt see each other and then 2 years later i get a knock on my front door, it was anita, back to bug me he he he.

she stayed at my house for a while, we was chatin and she told me she was bi and i said to her that i dont mind because she is who she is and i accept anyone. we then started talking again and that when she was telling me how her girlfriend was treating her like rubbish and so i told her to tell her girlfriend about how she feels. after she left i didnt think she would come back, but after a while she did and we started to hang out more and i started to think that i liked her so just to make sure i didnt i went out with a guy who was not for me and was a prat and when i was alone with him all i thought about was nita.

me and nita started to work at a place called amazon.co.uk and was split up coz she had to work on the other side of the warehouse, after the first day i came back to nita house and she started to cry, i asked her what was wrong and she told me that she loved me and that she i sdesperate to be with me, because i was straight i didnt know what to think, i said to her that if i was bi she was the perfect match for me but i wasnt and that i was sorry i did not feel the same way. after a while working at amazon i started to think about nita and started to cry, i really missed her and i knew that i was falling for her, every second i was with her i loved looking into her beautiful blue eyes and being in her arms.

one day nita got a phone call to say that amazon did not want her back and that she was sacked so i had to go to work by myself. i hated being by myself on the couch, seeing the empty seat beside me and seeing everyone else with someone. i then was asked if i had her badge to get into the building and i didnt know what for, then i got a phoned her at break, she told me that she was on her way home and so i said this:

‘ you know that question you keep asking me?’

‘ye’ she said

‘well its yes, i cant stand being away from you and i know that i love you’

i went back to work and i turned around to see the time and who do i see behind me, nita!

i was so happy to see her and i went to her and gave her a massive cuddle, i missed her so much and i knew i was in love with her.

my family are christians i was one to, i told my parents and they said that i have to end it, i didnt end it because i knew in my heart it was right.

we broke up for a day and i knew i wanted her back, i cried so hard down the phone to her because i loved her so much.

it was christmas and nita got my presant, she was so excited to give it to me that she gave it to me early, it was a ring, when we alone she got down on her knee and proposed. i said yes straight away because i knew it was right.

i told my parents and they said to me that the minute i say i do they will disown me. i didnt care because they didnt know how much we are in love and how much nita means to me.

we hae been 2gether now for 3 year and 4months and we are planning our wedding. my parents still dont accept it but nita means the world to me and i am not giving her up!

we have friends and some family that accept it and are happy for us and that means a lot to me.

thank you for reading my LONG story!

Love Inspiration

i love anita and she filled the missing peice in my heart

Fast Facts

First met: at school
First date: pizza hut
Got engaged: december 2006
Ceremony location: dunstable

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: me and you!
Our wedding colors: bergandy
We will be wearing: dresses
Who proposed to who: nita proposed to me
Our last name will be: BRADSHAW

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