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Melissa & Emily

We met in Denmark in 2001 while studying abroad from our different undergraduate universities. We ended up living in the same modernist dorm building outside of Copenhagen – Gronjordskollegiate. We introduced ourselves outside of an Italian restaurant after our study abroad group’s orientation dinner, and soon were spending lots of time together. Finally in October a failed attempt to go to a friend’s party led to our first kiss. Although Em had to return to St. Louis and Melissa to Texas, we saw each other as much as possible over the next two years. Since then we’ve moved all over the United States together, and are currently in Boston planning our wedding!

Two people who belong together make a world.

Fast Facts

First met: Denmark, 2001
First date: Greek restaurant in Copenhagen
Got engaged: Denmark, Maine in 2005
Ceremony location: Boston
Honeymoon destination: Montreal

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