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emelia & alisa

Lisa & I met the summer of 2006 & new we’d be together that day! we met the night before a gay wedding for mutual friends. I was hooked the second I met her! Problem was, she was broken hearted & coming out of a 4-yr live-in relationship! i was immediately attracted to her vulnerability.she was so sad! i liked her immediately & thier comes the 2nd problem! So did my husband. I was married when I met Lisa to a guy I had been with for about 13-yrs. She was so easy to like & we both took her under our wings like a broken bird! her & I, as women had sooooo much in common but on the other hand, as a lover of cars & sports, she also hit it off with my husband. I also had a 21-yr. old son who took to her instantly due to the fact that she was a prison guard & dealt with alot of kids his age so they related to each other greatly. the days, weeks & months went by, my son left home for college & as my husband seemed to always pass out on the couch by 800 every night Lisa & I spent more time alone. we worked during the day so we hung out at nite! i saw her gradually feel better about her breakup & liked the happier lisa even more!

she was injured at work one day by an inmate & hasnt been able to work since than! that was 4 yrs ago! since than,I got divorced, i lost my job, our families are not extremely supportive (except my son, who lives w/us), we broke up & I moved out due to the drama around us & than realized it didnt matter who liked it or not, we were miserable apart! we lost so much weight this past summer, we looked like crack heads!! than we decided I was moving back in, we got married without telling a soul in our townhall in Ct., where gay marriage is legal & that was it!! we have only told a handful of trusted friends & my son! As exciting as it was, it was sad that we couldnt share our love & the fact that we are lucky enough to do it & make it legal! we plan on celebrating our previously taken vows this summer with a reception! we will send invitations with a poem ive already written about the “knot already being tied” & hoping for the best! you can be sure the invitations will clearly state to come to celebrate our love or stay home!!! we have a huge yard & i have lots of ideas, but i am willing to hear any suggestions for decorating ideas, food ideas, etc. The reception will be in July & we will be having a friend spin music, random photographers & videographers (all friends)& will be starting @5-8pm for appetizers/dinner & than dancing & partying w/some wedding traditions..garter, cake cutting & i will dance w/my son! we have income, but it is limited since we are both still unemployed. however w/7 months of planning, doing alot ourselves & budgeting, we should be able to pull off something as sweet as we deserve! I will submit pics of our property so it makes an easier visual for ideas!!!! thank you much & wish us luck!! Oh we didnt go on a honeymoon either, so if anyone has place in P-town….we’ll take a room the week of Aug 7th….lol….just kidding….but not really! LOOKING FORWARD TO IDEAS!!!!! XOXOXO AMY & LISA XOXOXO

never say never

Love Inspiration

we just can't live without each other! plain & simple! nomatter who or what tries to get in our way!!

Fast Facts

First met: 5/26/06
First date: ORANGE FAIR
Got engaged: just knew from day 1
Ceremony location: ct
Favorite planning resource: internet
Honeymoon destination: casa del mar, aruba or p-town, ma.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: never say never
Our wedding colors: white
We will be wearing: sundress/shorts
Who proposed to who: her to me
Our last name will be: orso

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: my bridesmaids
First Dance song: didnt have one yet

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