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Emma & Karla

What can we say, we met at church of all places, but please don’t hold that against us!!! After being friends for a while we took the next step and we haven’t looked back. We now own a house together and have never been happier.

life is what happens when you made other plans...

Love Inspiration

We're made for each other and can't imagine being with anyone else...

Fast Facts

First met: At church
First date: Simple Plan concert
Got engaged: 2007
Ceremony date: 02/09/2010
Ceremony location: Undecided as yet...beach or garden!!
Honeymoon destination: Europe!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: undecided
Our wedding colors: Black, white and pink (or red) not sure
We will be wearing: ??
Who proposed to who: mutual
Our last name will be: combined somehow

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