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Eric & Jose

Jose and I when we met didn’t like each other at all.My best friend Sharon knew him when she lived on St. John USVI she introduced us and we were like “eh”. We hung out and for reasons on both ends we were not into each other.

The next evening I was waiting for Sharon to get off work so we could party and who walks into the bar but Jose. Jose was planning to join us as well so we started talking…and talking. My friends came and went his friends came and went. I got to know him and BAM we have been together for 10 years…huh who knew!

We can no longer picture our lives without each other.

I found a Dream that I could cling too

Love Inspiration

Our beautiful 10yrs together

Fast Facts

First met: 4.19.01
First date: 4.20.01
Got engaged: Spring Break 2004

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Jose to Eric
Our last name will be: Punzone-Reyes

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