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meghan & brittany

my high school crush has became the love of my life. me and brittany went to high school together and i was always afraid to tell her that i liked her because i didnt know if she would feel the same way or stop talking to me. everyday i know i made the right decision because 6 years later i asked her to be my wife. i planned on asking her on valentine day i had it all together in my head. i was going to give a book that morning a dozen roses for lunch and have a SPA treatment named tinsley SPA treatment i bought her a star and named it after her and while we was looking i was going to ask her to marry me. well that didnt go as planned at all. one night she was asleep after a long day with me she was so peaceful just laying by her i could hear her heart beating i kept trying to go to sleep but i couldnt take my mind and eyes off the women i adore with everything in me. i went downstairs to talk to a friend who was over visiting with me and i asked him a couple of questions but the only thing i remember him saying is are you about to ask brittany to marry you i said no started smiling and ran upstairs. on my way back up the only thing i could think of is i love this woman i have never felt so strong about a woman and i cant imagine my life without her right beside me. i sat on the bed next 2 her and she woke up and asked me what was wrong i couldnt get my words together it was 0200 in the morning , so i dance around for a little trying too build myself up and finally i asked her to be my wife as she said yes tears came rolling down and from then on i knew that you cant plan a perfect proposal its something that just has to happen and once it comes its perfect no matter what. i love brittany with everything in me and i know that with her by my side i will always and forever be good. she makes me smile when im mad, her touch is soft and sweet yet it always send a tingle through me. she is my better half and i will be her rock till there is nothing else left. i love you brittany

my forever and a day

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my heart beats with hers

Fast Facts

First met: hometown
Got engaged: feb 23 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: tinsley proposed to brittany
Our last name will be: tinsley

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