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Amanda & Davina

well we are both 18 going on 19.we were both bisexual until we met.we met on my yearbook.com. when we first met i was in wisconsin and she was living in california. the funniest part about that was that we met online 1 week before her family was moving 20 minutes away from me. so we started to talk and we hit it off amazingly. i had just went through a break up and she was the only one that was here for me. right after the break up davina had made me a youtube video which brought me to tears (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZHGocM2OMI) if you wanna watch it theres the link.it wasnt till that video that i thought of her as a possiable girlfriend.

she got her on a saturday and we agreed to meet for the first time that monday. my brother and his family were moving to the same town as her that monday so after i got done helping him my mom drove me to meet daina and her grandmother. as my mom and i were sitting in the banks parking lott waiting for her i was so sweaty and nervous. my mom could tell something was up and that she was more than just a friend. once davina got there and i saw her face to face i couldnt stop smiling!i stayed the night at her grandmothers house where they were staying till they got their own place. so the first time we met face to face even my mother could see the sparks between us. she is the most beautiful person i have ever met. i couldnt stop stairing.as soon as i got out of the car and she huged me i knew that no one would ever be able to make me feel the way i did in the moment and from what she says she thought the same thing. that night we were laying in her tent just talking about everything and then she kissed me. ive never gotten the shakes from one simple kiss it was perfect. we were under the stars sitting at a bon fire which made the moment amazing.

we started dating 2 weeks later after spending every waking moment together going on walks and paddle boating and getting ice cream. each day we spend together draws us closer. i can be myself around her as can she around me. we are curently in the process of getting a place togehter then we want to get married in the next year or 2 and we both do want kids.

Building the love is all thats left

Love Inspiration

knowing that we each are loved by the other is enough to make us both happy

Fast Facts

First met: jujy 1st 2009
First date: july 24th 2009
Got engaged: not offical yet
Ceremony location: big hills park beloit wisconsin
Favorite planning resource: ?
Honeymoon destination: backpacking thru europe

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: hallo-wicked
Our wedding colors: red and black
We will be wearing: dresses but not white
Who proposed to who: havent got there yet but probley amanda to davina
Our last name will be: Garreuf (garrison and faneuf (davinas grandfathers name)

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