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Geysa & Michelle

Well I met my fiance thru my ex girlfriend at the time they were together, then we started being frineds but i knew she had a thing for me but back then i myself had a gf and I myself always said I would never date her cause she wasn’t my type and I wasn’t her type so she.. So we were just friends.. Then her and her girlfriend split up, and later in time me and my wife split up and then me and my fiance now started talking more often and she came and her son Nicholas came down to visit me for the weekend, well that weekend turned out to be 4 months in those 4 months we some how fell in love and ended up being together and now we are engaged to get married. It was funny cause we never imagined we would be in love much less be together and so deep in love.. So one day she went out and i went my way and she texted me with ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ i was shocked and replied with are you serious, she replied with yes i want to spend the rest of my life with you..So now not only have i got a fiance, i’ve got a wonderful son and they are both my heart and my world though i admit there is times where i want to walk out but in the end of the day i end up in my baby’s arms.. And now i will become her wife and she will become my everything..And we will be a happy family..

True Love Is Blind!!!

Love Inspiration

Just Fell In Love Unexpectedly!!!

Fast Facts

First met: Thru my ex girlfriend
First date: 2004
Got engaged: 2011
Ceremony date: 02/11/2013
Ceremony location: Lakeland
Favorite planning resource: Candy
Honeymoon destination: Key West

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Geysa & Michelle's Wedding Story
Our wedding colors: N/A
We will be wearing: Dress/tuxedo
Who proposed to who: Michelle to Geysa
Our last name will be: Salgado

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