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Hanna & Tawny

You wouldn’t think a down-south County gal, and a Up north longboarder, would ever end up on the same path to marriage together. But in our lives, it happened. Tawny and I met because of a common denominator, two sisters that we were each friends with. Our lives collided when the sisters picked Tawny and I up for band camp. Tawny and I pretended not to like each other as more than friends for the first semester, but over christmas break, things changed. Tawny came over before we were dating, and we were chilling in my room, and a few things happened, a few days later, on new years, I(hanna) asked Tawny to be my girlfriend. On January 5, a while later, She asked me to be her’s forever. We’ve survived a lot, and made it through a lot more. Things are going great, and now we are planning our wedding. Tawny is going to College, and I’m finishing out high school. Say we wont make it, and you are sadly mistaken.

Fast Facts

First met: in HS Band
First date: Guard Comp
Got engaged: January 5th, 2010 in the band hall.
Ceremony date: 07/18/2013
Ceremony location: undecided.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Tawny&Hanna's Wedding
Our wedding colors: Blue, Green, Black, Silver.
We will be wearing: Hanna- Dress, Tawny-undecided :D
Who proposed to who: Tawny Proposed to Hanna
Our last name will be: Martinez

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