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Heather & Paula

We met online and the first time we talked on the phone, we fell in love. We didn’t believe in love at first sight but when we met we both felt something we have never felt before. We thought we knew what true love was until we met each other and there are no words to describe the love we share. We went and got matching name tattoos and can’t wait to get married. Marriage was not an option for either of us until we met that day June 7th 2010. We have three beautiful kids between us, Camryn Paige is 10, Joseph elijah is 8, and Maddox Paul is 3. We have a beautiful loving family and can’t wait to take our vows and seal our love as one forever

Blood In Blood Out

Love Inspiration

Finally, we have found the truest of love the purest of hearts and the most powerful of unions between our two souls...forever!!!

Fast Facts

First met: Online at Connexions
First date: June 8th,2010
Got engaged: June 21st
Ceremony location: New Hamshire
Favorite planning resource: gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: New Hamshire

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Pink, white
We will be wearing: Paula(pink wedding gown) Heather (white tux with pink)
Who proposed to who: Heather asked Paula
Our last name will be: Jones

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