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Heather & Katherine

Here is the story of how Katherine Proposed:

A few weeks prior to the proposal, Katherine tells me that she’s come up with the perfect way to propose to me and that i cant beat her to it (We were having a contest or sorts, trying to be the first to propose) I pointed out that she was being a cheater, telling me that i couldn’t propose before her, but i agreed anyway. I didn’t know what to expect it, in fact i thought she would do it in September or October.

August 11th and 12th there was a meteor shower, and being Floridians, we decided to go to the beach to watch it with all our friends. It was agreed upon a week in advance and everyone made plans to go with us.. The day of the meteor shower rolls around and I have to work in the afternoon.

I go to work, and I have an absolutely horrible day, After which Gata calls me and tells me that everyone had to cancel. Apparently no one could get a ride or find their way to the beach that night. I tell her about my day and we agree to go to see the meteor shower together anyway. Shes a little late picking me up, but she comes with flowers, Two roses, red and white. She says thats the reason shes late, and I’m perfectly okay with that because I have roses!

We go to the beach and she says that she forgot to bring a blanket and that we don’t really have time to stop for something to eat, so we just go…We get to the beach and she opens the trunk and says, “oh look what I found!” and in the trunk of our car is a huge blanket, and a picnic basket… Shes a sneak.

I was so happy I pounced her and showered her in kisses! We grabbed everything and headed to the sand, I put down the blanket and we plopped down onto it and ate our sandwiches, fruit, capri sun and raspberry pastries…It was so sweet.

We tried to look for shooting start but where we were on the beach there was too much light from the street and surrounding buildings, so we just fell asleep on the sand for a while. When we woke up it was about 1:30 in the morning and we still couldn’t see any shooting stars (even though the peek of the shower was supposed to be around that time) Gata said that she was sorry that we couldn’t see anything and she asked me if id had a good time, I told her, “yes! Of course i had a good time, i was able to spend the whole night with you.” She said “ok” and then pulled the picnic basket over and pulled something out of it, she pulled me close and sat up a little, and said,”Heather Isadora Rothman (my whole name) I love you, your so important to me and you mean the everything me… will you marry me?” She opened a little red box and gave me a beautiful ring. I started laughing and pounced her and just clung to her for a while, I said, ” Yes! Of course!” She slipped the ring on my finger and i Ravished her for a good while. eventually she pulled away, and said that all our friends were waiting for us on the other side of the beach, She had been planning this for a while and all of our friend were in on it, they had been helping her get everything ready all day. We packed everything up and drove over to them and I was so happy and giddy, I got to brag while we shared the remains of our picnic with them. It was so perfect and wonderful… and NOW I have to think of a way to propose to her that beats a meteor shower…

"Mi gusta"

Love Inspiration

each other

Fast Facts

First met: Middle School - through a friend
First date: dinner and a movie probably
Got engaged: 08/12/08
Ceremony location: Undecided.
Honeymoon destination: Key West or Orlando probably

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Katherine to Heather

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