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Cathy & Heidi

We met in High school and fell in love instintly! When we turned 21 and Heidi 22 we decided that our love was strong enough to have a baby so 9 months later we had a baby boy!!! We have talked about ceremonies and kinda planned it but now its real we have a date!

We plan on getting married on 8/9/2008 in this we plan on having the ceremony with our son involved when we exchange rings we will be doing so with our son. Our ceremont and reception will be held at Denises house Unless we hit the lotto!

We are very much inlove and look foward to sharing the love we have shared over the last 11 years with those around us that have surronded us with love

To be loved is nothing but to be loved by the one your inlove with is everything!

Love Inspiration

11 Years its finally legal in January of 08

Fast Facts

First met: High School My JR year Heidis Senior Year
First date: Toys r us then movies
Got engaged: god like 10 years ago
Ceremony location: Weare NH
Favorite planning resource: my self
Honeymoon destination: Our bed

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Pink And White
We will be wearing: tux and dress
Who proposed to who: Heidi to me
Our last name will be: Roberge

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