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Jamelle & Ashley

We first met in Winter of 2005, I(Jam) was living in California at the time and was home visiting family. What attracted us to each other was our writing. We began to exchange poetry and prose weekly while weaving in our biographies in between submissions. We soon became close friends even though at the time we were both involved with others. As friends, we stuck by each other, giving advice and building bridges over the hard times. Two years later, I(Jam) was adjusting to moving back east and Ashley was adjusting to singlehood again. We decided to take our friendship to another level in April and it has been perfect ever since. We’ve grown closer than ever and are truely first and foremost best friends. Sure there have been bumps in the path but we’ve helped each other step over each of them and that has made our relationship that much stronger. We are both so excited to tie the knot and hope all of you will be there to help celebrate our journey with us.

A moment in time

Love Inspiration

Embarking on a path together that we never thought we'd step foot on

Fast Facts

First met: December 12
First date: Friday, April 13
Got engaged: Friday, July 13
Ceremony location: Washington D.C.
Favorite planning resource: This Website
Honeymoon destination: Toronto, Ontario

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Moment in Time
Our wedding colors: Blue, Silver, White of course
We will be wearing: Gowns
Who proposed to who: Jamelle proposed to Ashley
Our last name will be: Thomas-Dorsey

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: You and Me - Lifehouse

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