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Josh & Jason

Jason who is a 21 year old who has definatly dug a deep nich in his life. He has at the age of 18 joined the navy under incredible social pressures including dont ask dont tell. After being medically discharged his outlook on life has changed falling into a type of dispare and deep depression, untill he met His love Josh.

Josh a 20 year old who is very timid in his life, grew up throughout high school, in a small Missouri town with no outlet of personal expression. He found it difficult to live as the person who he wanted to be. Preparing for a time in his life where great uncertanties lie ahead.

Jason and Josh ironically met online on a popular social networking site, “Myspace”, where they quickly befriended each other while living states away. They comunicated with each other thru e-mail and phone calls. Jason even sent Josh pictures daily. Unknown at the time that these two had distinct paths that have crossed before.

While discussing eachothers pasts, they learned that Jason marched in a marching band which often marched in a popular halloween parade. This same parade Josh volunteered for the local boyscouts selling concessions. Ironically this parade occurs yearly less than a block away from their new home. Clearly this relationship is modled to be by some sort of higher power or univeral energy.

Jason and Josh have also have had their own stuggles as with any relationship does in the beginning stages. Thru this process they learned the love that they felt for them selves and for each other is unlike any love either has ever given or recieved before.

Now Jason and Josh have decided to totally commit their lives and their purpose to each other. The beginning stage for these two love birds is to become husbands, legal husbands.

Move along, move along just to make it through

Love Inspiration

We have inspired ourselves to make this commitment because we know we are lucky to have the love we do!

Fast Facts

First met: we met at the local mall
First date: a romantic star lite night next to the river
Got engaged: September 2006
Ceremony location: Undecided
Favorite planning resource: N/A
Honeymoon destination: Florida "one of the many islands"

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Purple and Blue
We will be wearing: Undecided
Who proposed to who: Jason Proposed to Josh
Our last name will be: Cox

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