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Erin & Charlene

Charlene and I met over Thanksgiving Break in Virginia. The funny thing about our relationship is that we actually met through our parents completely by accident. My mom started dating this guy, I met him a few times and I thought he was cool. My mom was head over heels for him and he seemed to feel the same for her. At one point my mom was worried because she was not sure how he would take the news about me being a lesbian, it actually turned out pretty good because his daughter was as well. Mom was relieved. She had told me about Charlene a few times but I never really put thought into it because I had never met her. I was just glad that my mom was happy. I was so busy between school, working full time and clinicals that I never got to meet Charlene. One day my mom told me that she was going to move to Virginia to help with my grandma. My mom moved and then low and behold Barry (Charlene’s Dad) couldn’t live without her so he moved up there shortly after her. Well then we all made plans to go up to Virginia for Thanksgiving so the family could all be together. I wasn’t able to make it up to VA until the 28. After a long 5 hour drive I finally arrived at mom’s. As I walked in the door I greeted everyone and then sat down on the couch. and looked around to see who all was there my eyes settled on this beautiful. Next thing I knew this amazing brown eyed girl walked out of the guest bedroom and I was completely speechless (at least for a second) and then I walked over to her and introduced myself. She said her name was Charlene and that she was Barry’s daughter. As soon as I met her I knew there was something very special about this girl and I could hardly wait to find out what it was. Love at first sight does exist, it happened with us.

Charlene’s story:

I went to VA. to visit my Dad for Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous to be around a bunch of strangers and only have my Dad to lean on. I was the first to get to their new house. The first day hanging out was pretty boring, I got drunk on bad wine. My Dad kept telling me “just wait to Erin gets here, you will love her”. O’ the irony! I had no knowledge of her being a lesbian too. When Erin arrived I went and hid in my room for a few mins. I was nervous and sick of meeting strangers. My Dad came in my room with a big smile and told me to come meet Erin. I came out of the room a few mins later. I walked over to introduce myself and we had a silent moment of starring at each other. Erin stood up and walked over and shook my hand. Within mins we became close friends. The first time I heard her laugh it warmed my heart. I wanted to kiss her goodnight, but settled for tucking her in. I knew I would make her my girlfriend or else make our family gatherings weird. I’m glad I faced my fears and took the chance.

Love Like You Will Never Get Hurt!

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Our Love For Eachother

Fast Facts

First met: November 28, 2008
First date: December 27, 2008
Got engaged: February 1, 2009
Ceremony location: Not Sure Yet
Favorite planning resource: Not Sure Yet
Honeymoon destination: Florida Keys?

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Colors of the Sunset
We will be wearing: Dresses
Who proposed to who: Erin proposed to Charlene
Our last name will be: Not Sure

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