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Jen & Tracey

Tracey and Jen met online in winter of 2007. They met in person at a show at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle. They didn’t talk much then, and when they did it was mostly about football. They texted other people while they were there, sipped on hot chocolate and went their separate ways for the night. They had become friends.

Following this, a few months later they would meet up every Tuesday at The Wild Rose, for Taco Tuesday (even though Tracey wasn’t too fond of the tacos). Their friendship grew over the time.

During a week in May, Jen’s band Alabaster had 5 shows. Tracey attended all but one of them. And after the last show of the week, on May 24th at Jimmy Z’s in Everett WA, Tracey was to spend the night at Jen’s. What neither of them expected happened, and the story of Jen and Tracey begins there. Where it will end… wait a minute.. it won’t!! What kind of happy-ending story would this be if it did?! These two are a couple that will last.

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning

Fast Facts

First met: November 25 2007
First date: The "first met" was kind of a date?
Got engaged: June 24 2008
Ceremony location: Sodopop, Seattle WA
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: White, Purple and Black
We will be wearing: Awesome clothes
Who proposed to who: Jen to Tracey
Our last name will be: Miller-Martinez
We are registered at: Bed Bath & Beyond

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