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Jennifer & Tanya

I first met Jennifer the second day I arrived in Las Vegas, I went to the Gay & Lesbian Center, looking for information. They had a women’s group meeting that is now call the L group. This was the first time I went to meeting like this, I saw Jennifer and I thought she was so fine……….

After the meeting people introduce themselves and Jennifer gave me a big hug. I was very surprise in that someone will hug by just meeting you for the first time. I look at her and I new this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. At the time I did not own a car being new in town. Jennifer offer me a ride to my lodging spot. I was very nervo upscus sitting in the passenger seat, my heart was racing, I mean I was so attrated to her. We talk for a little bit. I left some of my computer disk in her car. For days I tried to track her down, but with no luck I kept going back to the center to see if she was there. One day about 3 months later I was visiting a friend by Jones and Sahara, I here my name being call.. I look over and it is Jennifer, remeber people I still have not been dating, I refuse I knew she was the one. I smile and tell her I left some disk in her car. She laughs and said that some of her friends have been telling her I have been trying to reach her but she could not find me because I have moved. I take to Applebee’s for a bit to eat. The conversation was great. After the conversation I ask out on a date for Saturday. She agrees, I take her to New York, New York casino, there is a steakhouse resturant call gaylord’s very upscale. We are dress in black and white. We have a wonderful time. We begin to date; We date for three months. Jennifer says she was not ready for me. We break up and I am hurt, however I don’t give up and I am very patient. We are separted for a year. I go on with my life, but not in the dating sense I feel that Jennifer is the one for me. We have some mutual friends together. After a year unbenownst to me one of my friends decide to get us back together. She called me and I immediatly ask for a date. I took to the Toni Braxton concert, She met me in the Hotel Lobby dress in black, looking grogoues, to me the wait was worth it and we been together ever since. Like most couples you work out your differences. I you know in your heart she is the one, you just wait because our time is the not the same as God’s time. Had not waited for Jennifer, I would have been in and out of relationships. But I know that God’s has is own plan for us.

"God does not give the spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind" 2 Timothy 1:7 NIV

Love Inspiration

Promises (from Ciara song)

Fast Facts

First met: In Las Vegas (Gay Center)
First date: 3 months later Applebees
Got engaged: 7/07
Ceremony date: 08/29/2008
Ceremony location: Chirst Church Las Vegas
Favorite planning resource: The Wedding Book by
Honeymoon destination: It is a surprise

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Blessing of a Union
Our wedding colors: White
We will be wearing: Dresses and Suits
Who proposed to who: Tanya Proposed
Our last name will be: Jackson Brown, Brown Jackson

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