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Jessica & Roseanne


Jess just received her Master’s Degree in Art Education from SVA and just got a job teaching for an alternate education program.


Roseanne is a kick ass Social Worker at the Rockland Psychiatric Center where all of her bosses love her and is working her way up promotion after promotion!


The girls met through a mutual friend the day before Valentine’s Day in 2005 and have been in touch ever since!


[August 18, 2007]

We were starting our day at the beach on Fire Island and Roe’s friend took her to the bathroom. While they were gone Jess and two others dug a heart into the sand and filled it with rose petals. In the center of the heart the words “Will you marry me” was written and right below it was the ring box set on a mound of sand. Roe came back from the bathroom talking about sand toys and our song was playing. Jess called her over and she saw the heart and started crying immediately. After a moment Jess gave Roe her well-prepared speech and got down on one knee and proposed!

Fast Facts

First met: 2/13/05
First date: 3/4/05
Got engaged: 8/18/07

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Jess proposed to Roe
Our last name will be: Federici

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