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Ashley & Jessica

Jessica and I crossed paths several times without actually speaking, meeting, or remembering one another. We became friends over time and spoke on occasion. It was a turn of fate that we finally crossed paths romantically. I have always admired her from a distance. The first night I noticed her, I walked in a room and the first thing that caught my eye was her smile. Her smile could light up a room. Her smile brought warmth to my soul. Her deep eyes caught me next. Her angelic face and beauty just swept me off my feet. After months of distant admiration, we began to see each other. We took time to get to know one another and spend time together. I fell more in love with Jessica as the days went by. Each day she amazed me. Til this day I wake up and by the end of the day I go to sleep loving her more.

We fit perfectly. We connect on a new level I have never known. She brings light into anyone’s day. But she has stolen my heart from day one.

I proposed to Jessica in Fort Walton Beach at sunset on top of the tallest dune. We were admiring the view and the whole time I could not have been more nervous. I was choked up and I was so scared. But I finally got down on one knee in the most beautiful spot and asked the woman of my dreams to marry me.

Our wedding is being planned currently and we will be going to Massachusetts to hold our ceremony and get our liscence. The wedding is still “under construsction” but its coming together quite rapidly. We will be registering at a couple of sites which will be updated as soon as possible.

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind" -William Shakespeare

Love Inspiration

The thought of waking up to her and spending my life with the most wonderful woman I have ever met. The way she looks at me gives me strength, happiness, love, and eternity. (Ashley)

Fast Facts

Got engaged: March 15, 2011
Ceremony location: Massachusetts

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: White and Purple
We will be wearing: Jessica will be in a gown and Ashley in a suit
Who proposed to who: Ashley proposed to Jessica
Our last name will be: Lozano

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