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Jillian & Angela

We met on the rugby pitch in the fall of 2008..I quickly became Angela’s favorite rookie..then we became more than just mates on the pitch.We’re a little different..Ang often says that I’m “that gay”..meaning that I wear rainbows like a fiend..whereas she’s gay, but not “that gay”.I’m also kind of a dirty hippie, and she puts up with that well…she’s more of an organized, clean person.We are each the other’s perfect balance.It’s been a rough and tumble road, but we love one another like neither of us ever imagined was possible.We plan on getting married Oct.1,2011, after we both graduate but before grad school begins.The idea is to travel to Iowa to make it official, then come back to Kansas (yes, Kansas) for a ceremony and party with our closest friends and family.

you're smarter than the average bear,right?

Fast Facts

First met: August, 2008
First date: October, 2008
Got engaged: November 2009
Ceremony location: Iowa
Honeymoon destination: ?...undecided

In Case You Were Wondering

We will be wearing: dresses.....should be interesting
Who proposed to who: Mutual
Our last name will be: keeping our last names

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