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candace & joanne

We met online…..I candace,the one on the right..lol…do not typically random date..I have been waiting for the one,,,,when i saw her on a webcam in a lesbian chat room,first time i had been there….i felt pulled to her..it was not sexual…it was just this clouds parting sun comes out the angels trumpets blare n the ringing bells and the sound of faint singing of hallelujiah…well you get my drift aye…I suppose she felt the same…22 hrs is a long distance between,and I had never done the long distance relationship thing before…but it worked out….we knew we were the ones for each other,it was just going through the social qou of what one should do first….i think we both said screw what people think,we flew met each other,and it confirmed everything,after two months of dating she proposed….sudden some may say…but like it says above..it took an eternity to find someone we wanted to spend eternity with…and when you know its right why waste time…our wedding date is set in june 2011…I love my joannie bear..with all my heart soul and mind…

sometimes it feels like an eternity to find the one you will spend your eternity with

Love Inspiration

sigh..theres just not enough words to describe

Fast Facts

First met: pal talk,september 27
First date: st louis, november 13
Got engaged: st louis november 13
Ceremony location: not sure
Favorite planning resource: not sure
Honeymoon destination: something tropical

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: cherry blossoms, pink brown n white
We will be wearing: i a dress,her a white tux
Who proposed to who: she proposed to me,candace
Our last name will be: hers will remain the same,mine hyphenated

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