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Joanna & Andrea

Two people couldn’t compliment eachother better than Andrea and I. We are the perfect match.

We both like soup. We could talk, or not talk, for hours.

Love Inspiration

Laughing together

Fast Facts

First met: Through Alicia. Thanks Leesh!
First date: A. showed up at my door with a flower & never left. 2/15/01
Got engaged: Good question..sometime in the spring of 07
Ceremony location: Gore Place in Waltham, MA

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A wedding
Our wedding colors: Spring green, light blue and a bit of orange
We will be wearing: clothes...
Who proposed to who: Haha. another good question...
Our last name will be: Woelrence or Lafel or Woelfel-Lawrence or Lawrence-Woelfel

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