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Jonora & Sonya

Well I Jonora had been watching Sonya for awhile. It all started because she had been coming into the restaurant I worked at on several Saturday mornings. So I decided to keep my eyes on her. I called her chocolate. Why cause I didn’t know her name. Well my heart stopped one night when I walked past her in this night club we would hang out at I’d never seen her in there before that night. Well she ended up at the ATM while I was sitting on this bench right next to it. It all seemed funny because she stood there for the longest. I do believe it was more than enough time for her to press buttons and get her cash and go. She won’t tell me but I know she was watching me. Well she ended up leaving her drink on top of the ATM so that was my chance to say something to her, and I did. “You left your beer” she turns winks her eye and says “I guess somebody got to look out for me don’t they” well I ended up going home and I still didn’t know her name. “Chocolate” was all I could think about. Well one Sunday night I was standing at the door at work and in she walks. Wow another chance and I don’t even say anything to her. My friend does behind my back and instead of her sliding me her number right then she leaves and comes back to bring it to me. After I got off I went home and gave her a call. That was March 16th 2008. My life hasn’t been the same since!

I’m(Jonora)a full time Criminal Justice student at the University of Phoenix. Sonya works full time in Security. We are two women with no children and are hoping to one day brighten our lives with a child or two.


Love Inspiration

Our hearts beat one in the same!

Fast Facts

First met: March of 2008
First date: Chinese Restaurant
Got engaged: December 24, 2008 Christmas Eve!
Ceremony date: 11/19/2010
Ceremony location: Nashville TN..Maybe
Honeymoon destination: Smoky Mountains

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Celebration of Our Commitment
Our wedding colors: Surprise!
We will be wearing: Jonora a Gown and Sonya a Tux
Who proposed to who: Sonya to Jonora
Our last name will be: Holley
We are registered at:

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