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judy & brenda

The first time we met was at a anniversary dinner for the church I go to,EXODUS MCC in Abilene TX. I was with my best friend Lisa and she was with her church group, Rainbow promises from midland TX . I kept noticing this woman staring at me from across the the room I waved at her and she waved back. I thought nothing else about it really until the next morning after church when Brenda walked up to me and said ” you have the most infectious smile I have ever seen.” I thanked her we talked for awhile then exchanged e-mail addresses and she left. I tried e-mailing her a few times and nothing happened.

Then about a year and a half later my friend Lisa says she saw Brenda at a meeting, I ask Lisa to get me her e-mail address again. well, before long we started to e-mail each other then we met for the first time again and it was like we were never apart. pretty soon after that Brenda moved to Abilene and now in may we’ll be Having our holy union.

It has been a wonder full time discover what real love is like. not having to walk on egg shells all the time. Brenda and I just complete each other, we laugh all the time. It’s all ways some thing new with her . She listens to all my crazy ideas and some of then we’ll do. The biggest thing is that she is very spiritual as am I and we love to go to church. I could not imagine life with out her, I truly believe god has put us together .

let go and let god

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Fast Facts

First met: 10/16/2005
First date: 3/24/2006
Got engaged: 08/16/2006
Ceremony location: Exodus MCC church in Abilene TX
Favorite planning resource: gay weddings.com
Honeymoon destination: undecided

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: white and navey blue
We will be wearing: I a dress and Brenda ropers and a cowboy shirt and boots.
Who proposed to who: Brenda
Our last name will be: we will keep our last names the same

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