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Sarah & Julie

Julie and I circled each other’s existence until we finally hit the bull’s eye. Our very first meeting was at my apartment for an episode of the L word with about 15 other women. We never really had a chance to talk, but fortunately fate kept pulling us together.

Some mutual friends of ours thought we would make a good match so they invited us over to dinner. This was about 6 months after our initial meeting. The dinner was a disaster. I had recently broken up with someone and wasn’t in the mood to meet anyone new, plus I had a headache. So I was a royal grump and Julie was not impressed at all. In fact, she thought I was such a pompous jerk and she couldn’t believe our friends thought I would be a good match. I think we both left that evening thinking our friends had lost their marbles.

Fate once again stepped in – about 5 months later our mutual friend, Hana, was having her first performance with the band Lazy Sunday. We both went to the show and this time I was in a much better mood! Julie, however, was quite wary of me and was trying to avoid me all evening.

We finally had the chance to actually talk and get to know each other when another set of mutual friends had a birthday party. We all went out to a restaurant and Julie and I ended up sitting across the table from each other. She was not looking forward to the evening as we sat down because she had never had a good experience with me at this point. However, I was finally back to my charming self and we had a fantastic time chatting with each other over dinner! We exchanged email addresses and began to email each other. Our email exchanges were probably what really got the ball rolling. We both would excitedly open our email throughout the day to see if we had a new message. Ah the wonders of modern dating!

Finally Julie and I started to click. I invited Julie to join my friends and I for a couple of dinner parties I hosted at my house. I was always disappointed when she turned me down, but she was interviewing for postdoc positions so I figured it was excusable. Finally she came to a dinner party and we had a great time getting to know each other. I knew there was definitely something special about this girl when she told me that she sings opera – I’ve always wanted to date someone who could sing.

I was gaining interest in this wonderful woman and began tossing the idea around of asking her out. I figured I’d play the safe route and see if she wanted to join me and a couple of friends for lunch to test the waters. It went swimmingly and within a few days I asked her if she would like to go on a date, which she cordially accepted.

I spent almost two weeks planning our first date. I had tons of really neat ideas, but finally decided to take her to the Detroit Institute of Art for one of their late Friday night events. Following our art museum extravaganza we headed to a restaurant called Agave, which is about 1.5 blocks down the street from the museum. It was wonderful food, but even more wonderful conversation. At some point during our meal I was looking at Julie while she was talking and it hit me that this woman was going to be the one. It was amazing to have that knowledge on some level on your first date, but there it was – I knew right away.

Julie knew too, but was a bit scared by the notion. So on our second date – which I had set up as a picnic in my living room (you have to be creative during the winter in Michigan) – she tried to break up with me. I could tell that she was just feeling unsure so I asked her if she was having fun and if she knew much about me. Since she was having fun and didn’t know much about me yet I managed to convince her that it might be worthwhile to let things continue for awhile!

Thankfully she bought into my logic and the rest is history! I proposed to Julie after a year of dating. We were in Washington DC where Julie was interviewing for a postdoc. We were sitting on the bench where I had first said “I love you” at the national gallery of art. She said yes and I was so excited I nearly jumped out of my skin. Then Julie proposed to me almost precisely one year later on the beach in the Hamptons near her parents house.

We are excited to be sharing our love and commitment with all of you and cannot wait to see you in Washington DC!

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

Love Inspiration

Julie (says Sarah); Sarah (says Julie)

Fast Facts

First met: January 2004
First date: March 11, 2005
Got engaged: April 15, 2006 (Sarah Proped.); April 21, 2007 (Julie Proped
Ceremony location: HRC Headquarters, Washington, DC
Favorite planning resource: Gayweddings.com

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Merlot and almost navy blue
We will be wearing: Chinese silk
Who proposed to who: We both proposed to each other 1 year apart.
Our last name will be: Same as they are now.

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