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benjamin & justin

In 1999 a frindship was born, tho no more than an online instant message frindship. Over a few years this friendship became strong, time would pass and when these two friends would connect back togeter it was always as if no time had lapsed between them. If only then would they have known that 6 years later they would finaly have the courage to meet in person. it was if the were unseprable its like the world had started to finaly make sense for these two star crosed lovers. Alto they have had many ups and downs, and time had been taken to revaluate were they lives were going some how there roads would cross and start a new path togeter. so after a total of 12 years in the makeing, thru the good, bad, ugly, and the happest moments in life. We are pleased to anounce the ingagment of benjamin novak allen and justin ryan hudgins.

When the evening shadows And the stars appear And there is no - one there To dry your tears I could hold you For a million years To make you feel my love

Love Inspiration

the only man for me, to have and to hold, only in death will we part

Fast Facts

First met: facethejury.com
First date: olive garden 7-3- 2005
Got engaged: red gousse saloon 9-15-2011
Ceremony location: unknown

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: justin to ben
Our last name will be: allen-hudgins

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