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Brent & Justin

After having just moved to Philadelphia and buying their first home, Justin and Brent have decided to get hitched!

Justin proposed before a big family event held every year (Apple Butter Day for those of you in the know), surprising Brent with a beautiful platinum band embellished with a small inset diamond from Tiffany and Co.

The wedding will be taking place back home near Baltimore to be close to their family and friends.

Planning a wedding has them both very excited and nervous, but they’re incredibly excited to be moving forward and sharing their lives together.

Love Inspiration

We've been pretty much inseperable from day one. We want to start a family and share our happiness with our family and friends.

Fast Facts

First met: Technically MySpace, but officially at Ruby Tuesday.
First date: Dinner and Ice Skating. Very romantic.
Got engaged: 10-24-2008
Ceremony location: Baltimore
Honeymoon destination: To be determined.

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Justin proposed to Brent
Our last name will be: Ha! Still trying to settle this debate!

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