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Elvainney & Alfrieda

We knew one another for 10 plus years, we were in very hard relationships at the time we were the only ones for each other to turn too when ever we needed some one to talk too. Till we started to get to know one another better learning how we tilt our heads to the side when we feel sad and why we walk around with our heads down twards the floor while we are in public. We started believing in each other that there is Love out there much greater then what we had at the time. we took things one day at a time and you know what they say The Rest Is history…… shes my world with out her i’m not whole. i found out that living with out her i have no reason to live for. Shes my best friend, My lover, My soul, My breath of life, My everything..

What we do is not what defines us, What defines us is how well we rise after we fall

Love Inspiration

Alfrieda M. Kanaele she carried my heart in the palms of her hands and kissed it gently

Fast Facts

First met: year of 2000
First date: June.10,2009
Got engaged: June.18,2010
Ceremony location: having a hard time finding where
Favorite planning resource: none
Honeymoon destination: Las Vegas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Two Hearts melted into one
Our wedding colors: Navy Blue, Baby Blue,
We will be wearing: Wedding dress n slacks with formal shirt
Who proposed to who: alfrieda proposed to me
Our last name will be: kanaele-Vocal-Pascubillo
We are registered at: none non

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