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Christina & Karen

Why is it that love comes when you aren’t looking? Karen and I met at work and didn’t think of each other as anything but friends. She had a girlfriend of over a year and I was single with a seven year old son. Our company planned a bowling function and we hung out together and had a few drinks outside of work. I seemed to make her a bit uncomfortable. We talked a lot and she had to leave early to get back home to her girlfriend. I went home later that night and spent the whole weekend thinking of her. The next day I was rushed to the hospital with medical issues and was back to work in about a week. Once I saw her again she didn’t even talk to me and acted like she didn’t know me. I left it alone until the company had a Halloween party. The night before the party I got a text message from a number I didn’t know. It was Karen..I guess she had been thinking about me too but didn’t want to get involved and hurt the person she was already with. We sent messages back and forth all night and made plans for her to come over the next night. Since then we have not left each other’s sides. We moved in together after about 10 months and she asked me to marry her on our one year anniversary. Our wedding is planned for June 17, 2011. I have never been so happy!

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