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Katia & alesha

It must have been fate. We were both dragged out to a small club in the middle of the Grove in Miami by our “long gone” roommates. It was one of those nights when you’re not in the mood for anything, but it feels better to go out and at least see people live than sitting on the sofa watching a movie. So, there we are, on seperate sides of the bar. I (Alesha) was apporached by some crazy girl with no game what-so-ever, while Katia was swirling her free-loving aura to those around her. Just as I was about to leave I noticed her dancing alone under this spotlight. It was a moment of natural time. You know? A moment where I felt every second of the two minutes I watched her flowing. I noticed she was looking at this young guy smoking on a Marlboro sitting on the sidelines. So, I approached him. . .”You know that girl?”, I asked. “She’s my roommate”, he replied. “Well, I think she’s way to pretty to be dancing around with that girl”, I said, pointing to the cheap trick that had approached me just moments earlier. “Hold on”, he says . . .”She loves chocolate!”

I must say. . .she does like chocolate. And, I’m crazy about French Vanilla!!

Fast Facts

First met: Sometime in February
First date: March 3, 2004
Got engaged: March 3, 2007
Ceremony location: Key West, Florida
Honeymoon destination: wonderland:)

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Alesha proposed to Katia
Our last name will be: Bordy-Smith

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