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Hikina & Katrice

We are truly blessed to have found eachother, or rather she found me, but nevertheless we are blessed. We have so much fun together. She can definatly make me laugh with her goofy personality. We are ironicaly like night and day. I am a precise person, I like things to have order and stucture, Katrice on the other hand is what I call ” willy nilly”. She is truly a free spirit, but that is what evens us out, and make me love her so much. We are just trying to enjoy life and eachother, and raise our family with love. And enjoy the new things that life brings to us everyday.

Love is the essence of all things great!

Fast Facts

First met: We both had to practice with a mutual friend for an event.
First date: She took me to a Play at the Fox theatre in Atlanta
Got engaged: On our Annivesary
Ceremony date: 05/23/2008
Ceremony location: At our church here in Atlanta
Favorite planning resource: It varies but we love Gaywedddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Paris France

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Crimson & Champagne
We will be wearing: I will be in a gown and Katrice will wear a tux
Who proposed to who: Katrice proposed to me in bed.
Our last name will be: Were still deciding on our last names

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