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Kelsie & Lacey

When we met, we were each coming out of serious relationships. We spent months just talking, helping each other through a very difficult time. The age difference made me very reluctant to start a relationship (I was 24, Kelsie was 19). However, 3 months later we spent a evening with friends, and Kelsie never went home. We were the epitomy of U-Haul lesbians. More than one year later, we have weathered quite a few major issues, and have grown closer from every situation. Kelsie proposed a few weeks before Christmas. There was a large box under the tree, which I could not wait to open. When I was finally allowed to open it, I was so surprised, and so happy. We told my family first, and are just now planning to tell Kelsie’s family. We have set a date, and are lucky enough to have a photographer, pastry chef, and wedding planner as friends. We are having so much fun planning the wedding, and we cannot wait for the big day.

"I love her and that's the beginning of everything." -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Love Inspiration

through all of the tough times she has stood by my side, my rock.

Fast Facts

First met: LGBT benefit- november 2007
First date: went on a tour of austin, had lunch at zilker park
Got engaged: December 2008
Ceremony date: 05/27/2010
Ceremony location: austin, tx
Favorite planning resource: Friends!
Honeymoon destination: new york possibly... still up for debate.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: committment ceremony
Our wedding colors: chocolate, ivory, celedon
We will be wearing: dresses
Who proposed to who: kelsie proposed to lacey
Our last name will be: spencer-hushen

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