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Aldrich M. & Jeremy W.

Aldrich’s Side: So, this is our story. I met my partner Jeremy Kennedy through the most orthodox means possible – the Internet. But, the truth is that our love has grown. Jeremy is not the man that I expected I would be with, but I am glad that he is the one that I am with now.

Jeremy’s Side:

Our Commitment/”Committed” Ceremony

We are still planning for a wedding, when the state legalizes it again, but this is also our grandfather’s dying wish. He would like to see us go through a commitment ceremony before he goes back home to God (and his partner). Jeremy has already asked Grandpa Rex to be his best man.

Our Honeyfund

In lieu of material gifts, we have created a Honeyfund where our loved ones (especially those with heavier wallets ^_^) can donate towards our dream honeymoon to Japan. We were blessed to have all the appliances that we ever wanted and we don’t have room in our tiny apartment.

For more information

Aldrich M. Tan and Jeremy W. Kennedy

(760) 275-2338/clubdex101@gmail.com

We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

Love Inspiration

Grandfather Rex Bushrey

Fast Facts

First met: Sept. 8, 2009
First date: Webcam
Got engaged: February 9, 2011
Ceremony location: Desert Oasis Chapel in Palm Springs
Honeymoon destination: Hopefully, Japan

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: Black, Silver, Purple, and Red
We will be wearing: rented tuxes
Who proposed to who: Jeremy proposed to Aldrich
Our last name will be: Kennedy-Tan
We are registered at:

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