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Kaye & Kerri

Kerri and I meet via a mutual friend in June 2006, we were both going though incredible painfull times and my friend from work(Kerri-ann)rang me insisting i come out for dinner with her and her friend whom she had known from school. The last thing i wanted to do was have to sit through a meal and be pleasant to someone i didn’t know (i found out my Kerri was feeling the same), i just wanted to stay home and be miserable, however my friend insisted i come or she would come and get me and drag me out, so off i went with a heavy heart and no smile. I arrived at the dinner only to meet the most beautiful person i have ever laid my eyes on WOW was i sweeped off my feet, i couldn’t believe my best friend had never introduced me to someone she had known for 30years, but the time was right and the rest is as they say herstory. I still maintain that my mother who had passed away the same year was standing next to me telling me this is the one you have been waiting for, still gives me goosebums. Kerri and I had a commitment ceremony on the 1st September 2007 (Kerri is in the gown and me (Kaye) in the Kilt), we are hoping soon our government will change the marriage act so we can be legaly married.

a home is home all because two people fell in love

Love Inspiration

i just wanted to wake up next to kerris beautiful smile every day

Fast Facts

First met: June 23rd 2006
First date: July 21 2006
Got engaged: December 2006
Ceremony location: Brisbane
Favorite planning resource: Best friend Kerri-ann
Honeymoon destination: Turtle cove North Queensland

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Kaye&Kerri's Big Day Out
Our wedding colors: Tipperary Tartan Colours
We will be wearing: Wedding Gown(Kerri), Kilt(Kaye)
Who proposed to who: Kaye to Kerri
Our last name will be: Gilshenan Kaye changed hers to Kerris

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: seeing kerri walking towards me
First Dance song: beautiful in my eyes by Elton John

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