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Kim & Candace

It was august ’06.

I was working.

Candace saw me first.

She came in the next day and applied at my store bc she was new to the area and looking for work. Being the store manager, I hired her (lol). I felt an immedate attraction to her. We became friends fast, she told me she was straight. I was in a relationship, so it wasnt exactly the best recipe for a relationship, lol. About a week after meeing Candace the relationship I was in ended. I saw it coming for months. Dispite my persistance, Candace kept insisting she was straight. About 4 months later, it was all over, lol – we were officially ‘together’!!! All of our friends were SO excited for us. And Candace finally admitted WHY she applied to my store, lol!!!

Not even a month after we were official Candace had to move back to Maryland bc of money and school situations. She was there for 4 months. We missed eachother like CRAZY and spent lots of time texting, talking on the phone till 2am, sending cute emails and visiting as much as we could, which was not very often.

Once she got things sorted out back in MD, she came back, moved in w/ me and we began the ‘real deal’. She, of course, could not come back and work for me, bc it is against company policy for management to date part-time employees. But she got a job and got all settled in.

She proposed to me one night when we were at home and I said “yes”.

We are far from rich, but I knew the next day she was ‘ring shopping’ in the mall where I work. I thought she would go pick out a cute ring from one of the kiskos in the mall and give me that until she could afford to get me a ‘real one’.

BUT, surprise to me… she bought me the MOST BEAUTIFUL engagement ring EVER!!! She came back to my store where my best friend and I were working together that day. Candace dropped down to one knee, held up the ring and said the most beautiful words i have ever heard in my life. I picked her up and said “yes” again, of course. She said she wanted to do it that day and in my store bc that was the same day she first saw me and she even stood me in the same spot I was standing in the day she saw me 🙂

Now we have a townhome together, two puppies, one cat, 2 fish… AND A WEDDING TO PLAN lol – we dont get much sleep lol

I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

Trust me

Love Inspiration

we knew there was nobody else for either of us

Fast Facts

First met: Aug '06
First date: Jan '07 (first official date lol)
Got engaged: Aug '07
Ceremony location: not sure yet
Favorite planning resource: I am all over the map right now lol
Honeymoon destination: we have a few ideas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding? lol
Our wedding colors: white and lilac (i think?)
We will be wearing: wedding gowns
Who proposed to who: candace proposed to kim
Our last name will be: hyphonated

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