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Jenny & Kim

Kim and I met in Jan. 2008 at our local gay pub. Although she had known who is I was for almost four years, I had no idea who she was. All I did know was I had just went through a rotten break up and I was gonna kiss somebody. Problem was there was no one out because we had a huge snow storm. Except for the most beautiful Lil Butchie getting drinks from the bar. Tattoos – shaved head – pretty smile…that was it to me. I told my friend Mike to tell her I wanted to kiss her (so lame cuz I could have told her myself), and he did. She came right over, we kissed (the kind that makes your knees weak), and we have been together ever since. Its interesting because your intial attraction is what brings you together, but sharing similiar marriage values, mutual understanding,and love keep you together. We have so much in common from the way feel about life, family, dreams, etc. For some opposites attract but for us our common ground is what will balance out this partnership. Kim is a firefighter and the fact that she wants to help people for a living is amazing to me. Its such a selfless act, but its all apart of what makes her my perfect partner. I am a hairdresser and I own a couple of salons, so in diferrent ways we both help people.

You are the best part of my day.

Love Inspiration

Kim always...

Fast Facts

First met: Jan. 4th 2008
First date: Jan. 11th 2008
Got engaged: June 21 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Kim proposed to Jenny
Our last name will be: Oxier-Miller

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